A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was recently shown off at D23, and we got an exciting new reveal. I’m a bit of a Pixar fanboy, so seeing Monsters Inc. got me even more hyped for the new game.

Now that we have both Toy Story and Monsters Inc. confirmed, my hopes are up for more Pixar worlds. I don’t think they’d actually flood the game with them, but it’s nice to think about. Who doesn’t want to see Sora transform into a sweet race car?

It’s fun to speculate about what else will be in Kingdom Hearts 3, but a bunch of new things were officially shown off. We got a bit of a look at the Tangled world where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were seen fighting alongside the party. Ariel is a sweet looking summon now, and couple other familiar faces are returning.

My favourite new bit of Kingdom Hearts content from the show was the new Utada Hikaru song, “Don’t Think Twice.” No one’s sure if this is going to be the new opening theme or not. It’s a possibility, but it seems more like the type of song they would save for the end credits. It could be an alternate version of a more upbeat song. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The next time we see the game will probably be at E3 later this year. Hopefully we get a release date. It was confirmed to still be coming out in 2018, so I’m thinking it will release sometime in the fall.


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