Nintendo has been full of good news and surprises ever since the Switch launched last year. The mini Direct they had a couple months ago was even better than some of their old Directs from the Wii U days. So I was wondering how good a full fledged one would be.

The most recent Direct showed off a bunch of sweet stuff. I’ll go into detail on the things that stood out the most to me, but I’ll also mention everything else at the end of this article.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch
honestly thought they were going to port the last Smash game over to the Switch. By the way this teaser plays out, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

There are a couple reasons why I think this is going to be the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

The trailer could have been presented as just an introduction for the Splatoon characters coming to Smash 4, but I feel like they would have said that if it was.


They also showed silhouettes of Mario and Link. Mario looked the same as ever, but the version of Link we saw was clearly the one from Breath of the Wild. This very well could be a skin or an entirely new character, but do we need three Links? This is probably just the way he’s going to look in the new game.



Nintendo’s done some questionable things in the past, but with the Switch, they’ve shown that they understand what their fans want, and they’ve been effectively marketing to prove that. Nowhere in this trailer do they say this is a port, and the vibes I get from it are clearly to build up hype. They wouldn’t do that if this was going to end up being Smash 4 on the Switch.

Not a lot of information was given, but the trailer did say 2018 at the end. I hope that means we’ll be getting a brand new Smash game at some point in the year.

A Port of the Original Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS
Even though they’re having a lot of success with the Switch, Nintendo is still holding onto the 3DS. The port of Luigi’s Mansion has made that even more apparent.

Although it’s cool that the 3DS is still doing well enough to have support for it, I do think that this game could have been saved for the virtual console.


They did add a boss rush mode, and the map on the bottom screen seems quite useful as well. Besides those minor additions, it’s the same old Luigi’s Mansion.



The N. Sane Trilogy is Seeing a Release on the Nintendo Switch
This is pretty crazy.I know Nintendo’s released some Crash games before, but I never thought I’d see the original trilogy on one of their consoles.

I grew up playing Crash Bandicoot. He taught me how to play video games. So seeing the first three get completely remade for the PS4 was a huge treat for me. Now I get to play them on the same system that houses Mario and Zelda. And I get to do it on the go.



This may not seem like a huge deal to a lot of people, but it’s really exciting. We might actually get to see Crash in the new Smash game. Who knows? Anything’s possible at this point.

More Details on Mario Tennis Aces, Including a Release Date
Mario Tennis Aces launches June 22, 2018!

The last Mario Tennis game was such a letdown, but it seems like this time around, Nintendo put a lot of effort into making this actually fun.


The new modes and mechanics seem interesting, but I’m thankful they delivered with a classic mode where you can play a normal match of tennis. It’s comparable to turning off items in Smash Bros. Seems like I’ll be playing that way more often.

The way this game is being marketed, Nintendo seems to have a lot of faith in it. With the release date fast approaching, we’ll soon find out how good it is.

Everything Else

WarioWare Gold, a new game in the series, is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. This is going to be the biggest game yet, with over 300 mini-games. Some of these are classics, and some of them are completely new.

Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers is a new game coming to the 3DS. This time around, Dillon will be able to team up with animal versions of your Mii characters.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is getting ported to the 3DS with an extra story from the perspective of Bowser Jr. It will be available sometime in 2019.


The very strange Detective Pikachu gets a release date of March 23, 2018. A giant amiibo for the character was announced as well.



Kirby Star Allies comes out March 16, and they’ve announced some new friends that will fight alongside Kirby. King Dedede, MetaKnight, and Bandana Waddle Dee will be there. Characters from old Kirby games will become available with free updates.

Okami HD is seeing its release on the Nintendo Switch. This version will have touchscreen controls in handheld mode, and motion controls in docked mode. It will be available in the summer.

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido will be available on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch on June 8.

Octopath Traveller drops the “Project” in its title. They also showed off two new main characters, Tressa and Alfyn. They went into detail on the game’s jobs system as well. It will launch July 13, 2018 with a special edition on the same day.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is shaping up to be wacky as hell. Hopping between worlds from different video games is such a creative idea. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be too all over the place because this looks like a lot of fun. It is set to come out this year, but no release date has been announced.


Dark Souls is coming to Switch on May 25. Before then, there’s going to be a network test to see how the online functionality works. They also showed us the hilarious “Praise the Sun” amiibo which allows players to do that pose in game.



Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is getting a re-release on Switch and 3DS. The Switch version lets a second player use motion controls to chuck turnips into the environment. It feels kind of like Super Mario Galaxy’s multiplayer. It launches July 13.

Undertale will be coming to Switch. They gave no release date, but it’s exciting to finally see this great game on a Nintendo system.


The Complete Edition of Little Nightmares is getting a port for the Nintendo Switch. This will be a good opportunity for people like me, who were interested, but never got a chance to play the game. It will be available May 18, and it will include all the DLC.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is getting a port to the Switch on April 24.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition launches on the Switch on May 18.

ARMS is having an open tournament for North American players. Ranked matches will be held from March 8-18, and the finals will be on March 31. The event will be streamed on Nintendo’s website. There will also be a three day “Global Testpunch” for free available to the people who haven’t tried the game out yet.

Splatoon 2 gets an update that includes 100 new pieces of gear, more stages, and a new rank. A crazy new story DLC was announced that will expand heavily on the lore and backstory of the Splatoon universe. That will be dropping sometime in the summer.

Well, that’s everything. It’s still a little concerning that most of the new games coming to the Switch are ports and remasters. Although I wish there was more right away, I’m still hopeful for the future. I think the ports that are coming will lend themselves super well to a handheld console.

Nintendo continues to impress, and the future of the Switch is bright. They always knew how to build up hype with their presentations, but now they’re doing it consistently. It’s funny comparing this to their E3 presentation from 2012. where they announced NintendoLand to no excitement.

If they keep putting out at least one or even two heavy hitters a year, the Switch is going to keep seeing success and praise from everyone. I want every game on it now, and I hope we get as many as possible.

You can watch the entire Direct on Nintendo’s YouTube Page.

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